Raw vs JPEG

Townsend House in Allison over Sylamore CreekMost above average digital cameras and almost all DSLR’s these days have the ability to shoot in a format called RAW. Now these images are usually 2 to 3 times larger than a JPEG and on initial viewing may not even look as good as a JPEG. What some may not know is that RAW images contain a huge amount of extra data that can be processed using most decent digital image editors. Also, as you can see, those ugly power lines are gone because I used a neat little program called Townsend House in AllisonInPaint to almost automatically remove them and a uneccessary stick in the foreground, keyword, “almost”. That’s all it does but it does it well!  A pixel level edit could have taken over an hour but InPaint did it in a couple of minutes.As an example the 2 shots below are the same image. One, the original, and the other with just a little touch up. It can make a bland photo into an awesome piece of art!

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