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More PDF Photography Books!

Lot’s of great reading for you shutter bugs out there. Everything you wanted to know about digital photography and more. Even basic principles that will take you back to good old film and darkroom days. Nothing like the smell of developer, stop bath and fixer in the air. Very nostalgic, but wouldn’t want to go […]

Textbook of Digital Photography

Check out this free Digital Photography Textbook! Never hurts to know what’s happening behind the scenes.. of Digital Photography

Food Porn!

As some of you know another passion of mine is gourmet cooking. It works out well since I love to eat. It’s also a good habit in order to avoid expensive restaurant dining and lot’s of processed foods. Some folks make jokes about posting food pics on Facebook but I think they are just a […]

Mimosa in the Rain

You just never know where you will find the next cool image. I was sitting on the bench in front of my office on Main Street a couple of days ago enjoying the fresh smell of rain and snapping a few pics of rain drops falling and splashing about, none of which turned out very¬†impressive. […]

Jacob Wolf House in Norfork

The two-story log structure known as the Jacob Wolf House stands on a hillside overlooking the juncture of the¬†White and North Fork Rivers in the present-day town of Norfork (Baxter County). It was constructed in 1829 as the first permanent courthouse for Izard County in Arkansas Territory and is the oldest public structure in Arkansas. […]